Pony rides for small children

A pony lead through Centennial ParkHand-led pony rides are the ideal way to introduce children to the thrill of horse riding.

These specialised pony riding opportunities are available in two ways in Centennial Park:

Horses and ponies are carefully matched to the ability and confidence or the rider. Children are eased into approaching and getting to know the horse, then expertly guided by trained horse handlers so that they are relaxed and enjoy the experience.

The short weekend rides provide a wonderful introductory horse riding experience in Centennial Park. Rides take place on the Horse Track at the corner of Grand Drive and Parkes Drive (near Centennial Parklands Dining). Tickets are available in advance online or on-site on the day. For more information and to book, please visit the Centennial Parklands website. Please note that this activity will be cancelled in wet weather.

For hand-led pony rides at other times, contact one of our riding schools. Simply visit one of their web pages to find contact and booking information.

Equestrian Centre riding schools

Contact one of these riding schools for Centennial Parklands horse riding opportunity information:


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