Horse track

horse_track_master200pxThe historic horse track provides riders with 3.6 kilometres of tree-lined track through the picturesque Centennial Park, riders may relax and enjoy or give their horse a good workout on the continuous track.

All Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre Memberships provide access to the Horse Track, the Horse Track is also enjoyed by school park rides, pony leads and for access to the Equestrian Grounds.

Owners of horses not stabled at CPEC may also enjoy a ride around the horse track by prior arrangement with the CPEC management. 

Outside riders will be required to provide a signed CPEC Code of Conduct, evidence of approriate third party liability insurance and a completed Property of Origin and Animal Health declaration for each horse coming into Centennial Parklands.

To view the general map of Centennial Parklands which includes the Horse Track, visit Centennial Parklands maps


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Centennial Park Veterinary Practice is a specialist equine practice ideally situated within the Centre.


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John Leckie has been providing agistment and livery services in Moore Park for over 30 years.