JnrNewstar2009_190pxShowing horses, or hacking as it is otherwise know, is the kind of equestrian sports that is open to everyone and anyone, individually or as a family.

All that is needed is the desire to compete and a pretty "Hey, look at me!" horse.

There are over 200 Agricultural Horse Shows in New South Wales, as well as Royal Shows, Horse of the Year Shows and numerous specialty breed shows, so if one is keen there is no shortage of places to compete.

To show a horse it is necessary that:

  • the horse be attractive to the eye
  • be of sound limbs
  • be able to work with a balanced and consistent gait be well behaved and 'sparkly'
  • fall into one of the three height divisions (pony not exceeding 14 hands, galloway over 14 hands but not exceeding 15 or hack over 15 hands)

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