eventingEventing is an Olympic sport and one in which Australia has recently won three consecutive Gold Medals (1992, 1996 and 2000) and a Silver Medal (2008).

Eventing may be more aptly described as an equestrian triathlon.

The combination of horse and rider (athlete) compete in three phases, covering the disciplines of dressage, cross country and showjumping.

Phases of Eventing

The Dressage phase is conducted first - the athlete receives a mark for each movement required in the applicable test. The total marks are shown as a percentage of possible marks.

The dressage % mark is converted (using a standard formula) to penalties. (Lowest penalties are best). For example, 80% = 30 penalties and 50% = 75 penalties.

During the show jumping and cross-country phase additional penalties are added to the athletes dressage penalties. The final places are determined by total penalties, with the athlete with the lowest penalties being awarded first place.

Both the show jumping and cross-country phases are timed and penalties are incurred for ‘going too slow’. At the lower levels, penalties are also incurred for ‘going too fast’ in the cross-country phase.

Maps are available for athletes and spectators that show the optimum time (the required time so as to not incur penalties) for both show jumping and cross country.

A disobedience or a dislodged pole in Show jumping incurs 4 penalties. Time penalties for show jumping are 1 penalty for every second over time.

A disobedience (refusal or a stop at a jump) incurs 20 penalties. Athletes are eliminated from the competition if they have 3 disobediences in the cross-country phase. Time penalties for cross-country are 0.4 of a penalty per second.

Further information

This information is kindly provided by Eventing NSW. For further information go to www.horsetrials.com.au or www.nsw.equestrian.org.au


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