The following questions are some of the more common asked by visitors or customers of Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre (CPEC).

If you have any questions that are not answered by this page or on this website, please contact CPEC on (02) 9332 2809 or cpec.office@cp.nsw.gov.au


Q: How much does it cost to stable my horse at CPEC?

A: There are five different levels of stabling depending on the size of your horse, your requirements and your budget.  See the CPEC fees and charges for current prices. 

Feed and bedding are additional to prices quoted in the rate card and are the owners responsibility.

Q: Can I get someone else to feed and muck out my horse if I can't make it?

A: Yes, there is an on-site agistment provider who can provide full board or tailor a package to suit your needs.   

Q: Where can I ride if I stable my horse at CPEC?

A: On the Clydesdale, Platinum and Silver packages, you have access to all eight arenas and the lunge yard. On Gold or Bronze packages, you can se the three arenas in the equestrian centre and the lunge yard but not the equestrian grounds in the park itself.

The only arena you need to book is the lunge yard. All membership levels have access to the beautiful tree-lined horse track around the perimeter of Centennial Park.

Q: What if my friend wants to ride my horse?

A: With your permission, your friend can ride your horse at CPEC as long as they have provided a copy of their public liability insurance and signed CPEC Code of Conduct to the Centre Manager's office.

Q: Can I give my friend/children a lesson on my horse?

A: No. Only riding school instructors and approved Independent Instructors may teach in the arenas at CPEC.

Q: How do I book a ride?

A: There are five riding schools on-site at CPEC.  Any of them can take you and your family for a park ride or for lessons. 

Q: How much does it cost to go on a ride?

A: The five riding schools have their own price lists. Contact them directly for pricing details.

Q: How do I choose between the five schools?

A:  All of the schools have a range of horses and ponies suitable for beginners right through to intermediate/experienced riders.  All schools can take you on a park ride or give general riding lessons. Some schools specialise in different riding disciplines. Additionally you can visit our Find a School For Me matrix for an overview of services offered.

Q: Can I go out on my own?

A: No - you will be escorted by an experienced and knowledgable member of staff from the riding school.

Q: Do I need all the gear?

A: No.  Each riding school provides riding helmets and boots. You just need to wear comfortable trousers and make sure you are protected from the sun and/or rain.

Q: What happens if its raining on the day of my ride?

A: Contact the relevant riding school on the day of your ride.  Generally rides will go ahead in light-moderate rain but may be cancelled if there is thunder/lightning or other dangerous weather conditions.


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Centennial Park Veterinary Practice is a specialist equine practice ideally situated within the Centre.


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John Leckie has been providing agistment and livery services in Moore Park for over 30 years.