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  • Budapest Riding School

    With our community spirit and commitment to each and every student, Budapest Riding School is the best place to begin or fine tune your riding skills.

    Ph: (+61 2) 0419 231 391
    Email the riding school
    Visit their website

  • Centennial Stables

    If you are looking to become a competitive rider, looking for a Park Ride experience or are just looking for a fun way to stay fit, Centennial Stables would love to help.

    Ph: (+61 2) 9360 5650
    Email the riding school
    their website

  • Eastside Riding Academy

    At Eastside Riding Academy we aim for all our riders to feel part of our team and reach their own personal goals in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

    Ph: (+61 2) 9360 7521
    Email the riding school
    Visit their website

  • Papillon Riding School

    For horse lovers who want more from a stable than just a riding lesson. We offer you the opportunity to build a relationship with our horses.


    Ph: (+61 2) 8356 9866
    Email the riding school
    their website

  • Sydney Horse

    At Sydney Horse we teach people how to ride or look after horses, in ways that are both safe and fun. Whether you’re an adult or child, a beginner or more advanced, we can help you.


    Ph: (+61 2) 9331 8231
    Email the riding school
    Visit their website

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Equestrian grounds

Centennial Park features a spacious Equestrian Grounds and 3.6 kilometres horse track for riders and private clients of Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre to utilise.

The Equestrian Grounds

A major redevelopment of the Equestrian Grounds in Centennial Park was completed in July 2005, providing users with 3.5 hectares of fenced grounds.

The Equestrian Grounds are irrigated (using pond water) and regularly graded to ensure maximum enjoyment and optimum riding conditions for horse and rider all year round.

The Equestrian Grounds' facilities include:

  • Three Showjumping/General use arenas 70 m x 40 m, 60 m x 40 m and 55 m x 30 m
  • Dressage Arena 60 m x 20 m
  • Lunge Arena 30 m x 30 m
  • Wooded forest
  • Turf hacking area
  • Canter Track 400 m
  • Total Arena area 8950 square metres.

Membership giving access to the Equestrian Grounds are available to Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre Private Clients, additional fees apply. Riding school participants of intermediate to advance skill may also enjoy the park atmosphere and have their lessons in the Equestrian Grounds.

The Equestrian Grounds are regularly used by the NSW Mounted Police for rehearsals. exercises and drills. The Equestrian Grounds have been used by Eastern Suburbs Pony Club (ESPC) as their home grounds since 1946.

ESPC meet on the first and third Sunday of every month for games, rallies, rides and all the fun activities pony club has to offer young riders.

For more information on the ESPC, please visit www.espc.org.au